Penn State Communications/Public Relations Graduate

David went above and beyond to ensure I was confident and prepared to find my next position. He helped set me up for success by improving my interview skills, restructuring my resume and updating my Linkedin profile. 

UW Geography Graduate

David is highly knowledgeable, and was instrumental in transforming my professional profile. It was a pleasure working with him.

Pacific University Business Honors Graduate

Not only did David polish my resume and cover letter, he connected me with important individuals in my field of study and improved my networking abilities. 

PLU Communications/Journalism Graduate

When I first came to David, my resume was poorly formatted and worded. My LinkedIn wasn't updated nor did it match my resume. My portfolio was all over the place without a central focus. David helped organize and synchronize all three of those pieces and made them more engaging to job employers. After helping me create the materials to effectively enter the job market, he helped me with the job search process with brainstorming sessions to help identify what I was looking for and what my wants/skills matched. Lastly, he gave me crucial advice on how to reach out to contacts and how network through LinkedIn. Since seeing him, I have a much clearer vision of where I want my career to go and how to get there. He helped organize and utilize my skillsets into an engaging and useful tool for prospective companies of interest. 

Providence College Biology Honors Graduate

David has excellent expertise to offer anyone looking to make a professional transition or find a new job, particularly those just beginning their careers. 

WWU Environmental Sciences Graduate

“David helped to make me much more presentable and engaging to employers. He was great at helping me reformat and polish my LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter.”

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